Episode 14

Published on:

28th Dec 2015

Man of Principle

This week we snuck in to find out who was playing Santa at FIFA's Christmas Party, and ask - has Arnold Schwarzenegger's replacement been found? We also argue with our wife, cry on the phone with our mate Lee, and try and cobble together a few quid for those of us less fortunate at this time of year. And that's everyone who doesn't get free beer. Plus Tim Sherwood, Chelsea, Marley and Me, and LVG.

Recorded using a Blue Yeti microphone and Tascam DR-100, Adobe Audition and sound effects courtesy of www.freesfx.co.uk "Lee from Leicester" appeared on the BBC radio 5 football programme "606" hosted by Robbie Savage and Darren Fletcher. This episode was produced and uploaded in chalet 297, Sand Bay Pontins, Weston-super-Mare by Ant McGinley and 3 bottles of Blue WKD and presented by Jim Salveson in the vague hope it wasn't out of date before anyone ever heard it. Theme music courtesy of www.KatalinaKicks.com On The Left Side is a Paint Your Headphones production for Abrupt Audio.

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